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As a literary agent I understand how difficult it is for authors to get the critical feedback they need to push their projects forward. I’ve often thought about how to bridge this gap, and do try to give feedback when I can, but the sheer volume of submissions makes it nearly impossible (the same is true of the editor/agent relationship).

There is a gap between what authors tend to perceive as market ready and what an agent does. From my vantage point, I’ve seen authors spend thousands of dollars on conferences (which are important!), where a block of coaching sessions or a solid developmental edit would springboard their work forward by years. And, what is learned in the process can be applied to next projects.

Developmental editing and coaching are the most valuable skills I offer. I can work with an author over the course of many drafts to ready a project for publication or provide an exhaustive, one-time developmental edit to identify all problem areas in a manuscript as well as creative solutions to improve upon the project.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on help in one or more of the following areas:

In my function as a literary agent, I cannot represent any author whose book I have been paid to work on, though I can make referrals.

Kimberley Cameron & Associates

To see the full list of authors Elizabeth represents, visit the Kimberley Cameron & Associates website.

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"Liz was direct yet gentle as she coaxed the best out of me while editing my memoir, The Coconut Latitudes. We worked together for about three months and it was clear she cared deeply about the task at hand—guiding me to make the book the best it could be. She is also personable and easy to communicate with. When she suggested edits and deletions, I had to face my reluctance to ‘kill my darlings,’ as the oft-quoted phrase goes. But the result was a narrative that flowed more smoothly and cohesively than I could have achieved on my own. Thanks in no small part to Liz, I'm delighted that my book has twice been the top award winner in national book competitions this year."
   —Rita M. Gardner, award-winning author of The Coconut Latitudes: Secrets, Storms, and Survival in the Caribbean

The Coconut Latitudes was a winner in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and also took a Gold Medal in the Autobiography / Memoir category for the 2015 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards.

"Elizabeth Kracht is a terrific editor. Having received my MFA from the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop, I've had the privilege of receiving feedback on my work from many excellent writers and teachers. However, I found the depth and value of Liz's insights to be on a different plane altogether. Liz devotes a lot of time and care to the manuscripts she reads, and is an excellent communicator as well as a gifted, thoughtful, and constructive critic."
   —Ellen Sherman, author of Just the Facts, a finalist in the 2015 USA Book News and USA Best Book Awards

"Working with Elizabeth was the best decision I could have made for my nonfiction book. She performed a full developmental edit of my work, providing a comprehensive editorial letter and phone consultation to walk me through her edits and rock-solid suggestions. Prior to Elizabeth's help, I reached a point where my writing became strenuous and unenjoyable. Her vision for my book dramatically helped the structure and flow, but even better, reignited the spark that led me to write it in the first place."
   —Jim Azevedo, Marketing Director, Smashwords

"My decision to work with Elizabeth Kracht was one of the best moves I made in writing my memoir. Liz didn't try to tell me how to solve the book's problems—how could she? it's my story!—but she told me, with clarity and precision, where the story needed work. And she was right. In short, this editor is a godsend!"
   —Margaret Bendet, author of Learning to Eat Along the Way: A Memoir

"It was my lucky day when the amazing Elizabeth Kracht, with her uncanny eye for the heart of the story, entered my life as a developmental editor. Thanks to Liz’s sound advice and counsel, to her unending patience and enthusiasm, a memoir to be published next spring took shape and came to life. From her I learned that less can be more, but that to get to ‘less’ one needs to revise, revise, revise. No one could ask for a finer editor."
   —Barbara Bracht Donsky, author of Veronica’s Grave: A Daughter’s Memoir